Set Up a Home Gym in Your Apartment

Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions with a Home Gym

Having a gym area within your apartment can be a huge advantage as you work to achieve your health goals in the New Year. All you need is a little creativity to create the ultimate workout space. Here are a few tips for setting up a home gym in your apartment.

Determine What Equipment You Need

Everyone has different exercise equipment needs for their workout. But, there are some key pieces of equipment that are useful to anyone looking to break a sweat. We recommend investing in one pair of dumbbells, a jump rope, a pull up bar, resistance band, a yoga mat and a medicine ball. A whiteboard may also be useful for jotting down which workout you want to complete for that day, and anything else that will motivate you! All of these items can be utilized to create a pretty diverse set of workouts for various functions, and make for a great apartment gym starter set. Don’t forget a speaker for music or your headphones to keep focused.

Reserve Area in a Spare Closet for Equipment

You will need somewhere to store all of these items when they are not in use, especially if you are a little cramped for space in your apartment. We recommend clearing out a section of a closet or a drawer where you can store these pieces of equipment. Make it somewhere that is easy to access and that will remind you to get in that daily workout.

Install Hooks and a Shelving on the Wall

If you don’t have a spare closet for your equipment, or if you prefer your items be out where you can see them, then find a corner of your apartment for the gym. Hang a couple shelves and hooks and lay out your yoga mat. Use the shelves to hold your heavier equipment and use the hooks to hang up your jump rope, earphones, a jacket and any other miscellaneous items. You can also hang up your white board to have your workout schedules listed out for you to see every day. This area will serve as your apartment gym – small, but mighty!

Fitness Center Availability to Compliment Your Home Workout

Our last tip for setting up a home gym in your apartment is simple – find an apartment with a fitness center! While you can still keep some of your core workout equipment inside your actual apartment, the fitness center will be a short walk away and have all of the workout equipment you need to be successful. This is great for complimenting your workout routine and switching things up each week to keep your fitness journey exciting!

Move in to Lerner Springfield Square

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