Why You Should Spring Clean Your Apartment in Winter

Valid Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Start Spring Cleaning

When it comes to spring cleaning your apartment, you don’t have wait until the warmer months of spring to get started. The reason? While the actual timing of spring cleaning has become a tradition nationwide, it’s not the most convenient timeframe to start organizing your apartment. Instead, some cleaning experts and apartment renters have come to the conclusion that spring cleaning your apartment can – and should be – done during the wintertime.

Germs are Passed More Often in the Winter

The stomach flu, the common cold and the lingering sniffles and congestion that come along are all results of the germs that are ruthlessly passed around during the colder winter months. The sudden change in temperature – especially in states like Virginia, that become especially chilly throughout the winter – along with commonly lowered immune systems and staying indoors more than usual, are a few of the contributing factors that lead to the increase in germs during the season. This is exactly why, as an apartment renter, you should start deep cleaning now. By the time spring comes, your apartment will be rid of all of the excess germs and bacteria, ready for an extra round of organizing, sanitizing and de-cluttering. So when the first signs of winter weather start to hit and you feel a nasty cold coming on, grab your cleaning supplies and start scrubbing the floors, bathrooms and all of the rooms your apartment consists of.

It’s a Great Remedy for Cabin Fever

If you’re not one who enjoys winter sport activities like snowboarding, sledding or skiing, the winter can be a slightly depressing season with little to do in your spare time. Since hanging around your apartment can get pretty boring after a while – even if your apartment community offers amazing amenities like a fitness center – the winter is actually the perfect opportunity for you to get a leg up on your spring cleaning. Map out your cleaning plans before winter officially starts, so that you’ll have a cohesive and clear idea of what you will be getting done throughout the season. Once the plans have been made, purchase all of the cleaning supplies you’ll need and stay true to the schedule you’ve created for yourself. If all goes according to plan, you might not even have to spring clean your apartment in the springtime at all.

You Can Make Room for the New Items You Received Over the Holidays

Between your holiday party at work, Christmas morning with the family and gift exchanges among your group of friends, it’s a safe assumption that the amount of items you accumulate during the holidays and over the course of the winter season are seemingly endless. With all of this newfound stuff, it probably feels as though your apartment is constantly cluttered – and since not every apartment has a spacious floor plan, this can be an issue if you have nowhere to put all of your gifts and belongings. So, once the holidays have passed and you’ve sorted through all of your new products, it’s wise to start going through all of your older belongings as well. From clothes to accessories to kitchen appliances, group together the items you have no problem getting rid of. Similarly, narrow down the newer items you want to keep and will actually have room for. Doing this spring cleaning organizing now, instead of waiting until spring, will allow for more space in the apartment and keep it de-cluttered until it comes time to clean again.

Rent an Apartment this Winter in Fairfax County

Winter is a beautiful season in Virginia’s Fairfax County, where the Springfield Square apartment community is conveniently located. Even if you are currently leasing an apartment right now, you can still feel free to check out the apartments that are available at Springfield Square – you surely won’t be disappointed in the options that you’ll find. If you’re in the area, come by and visit. If not, you can check out the community via a virtual tour. You can also contact the office by calling 703-337-0975 to discuss floor plans and leasing deals.

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