5 Ways to Personalize Your Springfield, Virginia Apartment

After moving into your apartment in Springfield, Virginia, the first step toward making it feel like home is adding some personal touches. Personalizing your apartment will make it feel more like your own special space, a place that is uniquely yours. Here are some quick and easy ways to personalize your Springfield apartment in no time at all!

1. Come up with a Color Palette

First, decide on a color palette that you want to use throughout your apartment home. Coming up with a color palette makes it easier to decide in which décor you should invest, and it creates a cohesive design throughout your space. You don’t have to be super strict about your color palette, but it helps to have some sort of overarching color theme. For example, maybe you want to stick to neutral colors. Or perhaps you want a black and white look. Or maybe you want a bright and cheery seasonal color palette. Whatever you choose, keep this in mind as you shop for various accessories for your apartment – such as rugs, throw pillows, hand towels and bedding. Before you know it, your Springfield apartment will begin coming together to feel more “you.”

2. Frame Your Favorite Photos and Art

Next up, get some items on those walls! Whether you have favorite photos of your friends, family or pets, or you have some art you have wanted to hang up, now is the time. Invest in frames for anything that goes on the wall to keep a cohesive and styled look. You can even paint the frames various colors to go along with your apartment colors. This is a great way to add some color to the walls without paint, and to create a unique look and feel for your space.

3. Dress up Your Door

Your front door says so much about you, your style and what your apartment looks like inside! This is a great way to leave a positive first impression for when you have guests over. Dress up your door according to your own personal style. Some easy ways to do this include adding a wreath to the front door based on the season. You also can keep plants and flowers outside, or a pumpkin in the fall. Use websites like Pinterest to spark inspiration for your door and entryway, and to create something that feels unique to you.

4. Create a Space for Relaxation

We truly believe every apartment home should have a space where you can relax without distraction. Find a nook or corner space in your apartment to place a chair, beanbag, pillows or a blanket, so that you can relax with a good book. We recommend putting this spot in the bedroom or another area of your apartment where you won’t be distracted with other work, electronics, etc. This should be a quiet area to provide tranquility and peace just for you!

5. Deck Out the Dinner Table

One last way to add a splash of personalization to your Springfield, Virginia apartment is on your dinner table! Many people take their dinner table for granted and don’t make the best use of their creativity in this area. Think placemats, centerpieces and even any unique plates you want to show off to complete your dinner table’s look. This is a great area to display your creativity, especially if you love to have friends and family over to your apartment to share food and conversation.

Apartments in Springfield, Virginia

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