6 Ways to Have a Successful Cookout This July


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July is one of the best months to have a barbecue and to celebrate our country with friends and family all together. There is no better time for a fun celebration! Need some backyard barbecue inspiration? Here are some tips for a successful and budget friendly barbecue that guests will never forget!


1. Choose a theme for the barbecue

People love to dress up for barbecues and have themed menus. Themes always make people feel like they were invited to something special. Having a theme like a luau would help get a menu in mind and have guests get into the spirits of the theme, like dressing a certain way or creating special foods to indulge in.


2. Have guests bring side dishes and dessert

Guests love to feel important, so have them bring something to eat that goes along with the menu. This style of barbecue is called ”Pot Luck.” Guests bring side dishes that they think will fit with the theme. Letting them bring side dishes and desserts helps save you money. It also takes the weight of preparing everything yourself off your back!


3. Get crafty with the food

Getting crafty with food is a fun way to make people interested in your backyard barbeque. Adding skewers to chicken or putting popsicle sticks through watermelon makes food easier to eat while walking around and talking to family and friends. It also helps make clean up a bit easier!


4. Do not go crazy with decorations

Having a theme is cool idea and you will impress guests with it. Of course, decorations are always fun, but they end up getting thrown out. Try to create your own decorations using basic household items. Keeping the theme limited to plates and table decorations will keep the costs down and will allow you to spend more money where it matters: on the food.


5. Get a headcount on your guest list so you can prepare the food

Have you ever had someone show up unexpectedly because they never RSVP’d? Getting a headcount on guests will help when narrowing down the menu and purchasing the groceries needed for the party. Preparing your food the night before will also give you time to get everything together in the morning, whether it is setting up decorations, or preparing complicated meals to impress your guests.


6. Have entertainment at the barbecue

There is no need to hire a performer, but having games for kids and adults to play are always a hit. Games like horseshow, badminton and trivia can help guests get into a fun mood and liven things up a little. By creating a playlist of music that guests will enjoy, things are bound to get fun!

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