4 Hacks for Apartment Living


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From wonderful amenities to a convenient location, there are many benefits of apartment living. But sometimes, we need to change up our living environment to breathe new life into the space. Whether your apartment could benefit from needs a few modern updates, bright pops of color, or a reorganization project, we’ve got some great ideas to do the job. Continue reading for a list of hacks that will make apartment living easier.


Find Unique Storage Options

Let’s face it, most apartments lack sufficient storage space. The more storage space you have in an apartment, the less living space you will probably have. To compensate for the lack of storage space, you can find ways to create your own storage throughout your apartment.

One good option is to use ottomans. They double as a seating area and a storage area, making it easy for you to store your belongings without taking up any extra space. Another option is to use over-the-door hooks whenever possible. This way, you can hang towels instead of stuffing them into a closet where they will occupy a lot of space.

A third way to maximize space is to pull your couch a few inches from the wall and use the space in between the couch and the wall to store whatever you need. You can also use bed risers to lift your bed higher off the ground and have more space underneath to use as storage.


Add More Space to your Room

If you are unhappy with the amount of space in a room, you can make it larger with a sneaky trick. All you need to do is place an oversized mirror in the room and the space will instantly appear larger! The mirror will add dimension and depth to the room, creating the illusion of a much larger space.


Customize what you are Unhappy With

Although you will not be able to drastically change anything in your apartment, this hack makes it possible to change what you don’t like without damaging anything. If you dread the knobs on your kitchen’s drawers and cabinets, simply change them to a style you do like. You can purchase knobs and pulls at a nearby home improvement store, and follow quick and easy steps to replace them. The same applies to doorknobs in your apartment if you are unhappy with those as well. Be sure to keep the original hardware so you can return everything back to the way it was when you move out.

You can also use the same idea to customize a kitchen backsplash or areas of a wall that you don’t like. Say good-bye to a plain kitchen wall by attaching a removable backsplash to the area where a backsplash would go. Do the same to a wall that is painted a color you despise by using removable wallpaper to hide the color. Both options will not damage the wall and are easy to remove before you move out.


Add Color to Your Space

It’s easy to add add splashes of color into your space! But before you break out the paint, try placing vibrantly colored pillows, throws and works of art around the room will add some color and brightness to the places that need it most.

You can add color to virtually every corner of your apartment by strategically using decorating elements, such as a rug. Just look for the places that need it most and your room will look as bright as ever, despite the neutral colored walls that your apartment came with.


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