How to Make Your Pet Feel at Home in Your New Apartment

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Think about how stressful moving feels for you. Now multiply that times a hundred. This is how stressed your pet feels when moving to a new place. Dogs become accustomed to their way of life and follow a routine every day. Altering this routine by moving to a new place can be a great cause of stress for your furry friend. Here are a few ways to take the stress off your pet and help them feel comfortable in their new home.

Familiarize Yourself with the Building’s Pet Policy

Before signing a lease, make sure that the apartment complex is pet-friendly. Familiarize yourself with the pet policy, including any restrictions or fees associated with having a pet in the apartment. If you sign a lease before inquiring about the policy, you might have to end up finding a new home for your pet or yourself.

Ask Someone to Take Care of Your Pet on Move-In Day

Dogs and cats can become easily startled by loud noises. On the day of your move, there will be loud noises everywhere as people are carrying and unpacking boxes. Keeping your pets away from all the action will be beneficial not only to them but to you as well. Throughout the day, doors will be open as movers carry boxes into the apartment. Open doors and anxious pets do not pair well together. Open doors will give your pet the chance to escape the apartment out of fear. If you cannot find anyone to take care of your pet for the day, leave them in their crate to avoid any runaways.

Pack All of Their Favorites

To keep their stress level down, distract your pet with their favorite toys or blanket. Simply having something they are familiar with in this strange, new place will be a great point of relief for them. The familiar scent of the toys or blanket will help them feel more at home.

Stay Calm

Although moving may stress you out, do your best to stay calm. Animals pick up on your emotions and if they see that their owner is stressed, they can become stressed as well. This will only add to the stress and anxiety they already feel from being in a new place.

Keep Your Pets Relaxed

Try to take your dog on as many walks as you can. If you don’t have the time to walk them amidst the craziness of move-in day, ask a friend or family member to walk them. Taking walks will keep your pup calm and will also keep their energy low, which is perfect for move-in day. Instead of running into people carrying heavy boxes, your dog will be tired and taking naps, all thanks to the long walk they took.

Update Dog Tags

In the same way that you need to change your address with the post office and bank, you also need to update your address on your dog’s tags. Being in a new place, your dog’s anxiety level might be higher than it has ever been. This increases the chances of them running out because they are scared. In the case that they do escape due to their anxiety, updated dog tags increases the chances of them being returned to their home safely.

Find Dog-Friendly Locations

Search for dog-friendly locations nearby. These places can include dog parks, pet stores, and a veterinarian office. Make sure there is somewhere your dog can run and get plenty of exercise, as well as take care of their needs, such as grooming and check-ups.

Be Patient

Most of all, be patient with your pup. Let them explore the apartment and sniff every corner. After all, they are just trying to become better acquainted with their new surroundings.

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