7 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment Without Paint

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Sure, a fresh coat of your favorite colored paint is sure to make your apartment feel like home. However, painting an apartment, or any rental for that matter, is often more trouble than it’s worth. Between re-painting the walls when your lease is up, to potential damages caused by the paint, many renters choose equally attractive alternatives to paint when it comes to decorating their home at Lerner Springfield Square. We aim to ensure that every resident is able to add his or her own unique touch to an apartment home to create his or her own style. Below are some of our favorite ways to decorate an apartment without paint.


1. Make Your Own Art

If you are feeling crafty, spend the day or evening creating your own piece of art. Head over to your local art store in Springfield for a piece of pre-stretched canvas and paints that match the color scheme of your apartment. Paint away to create something truly unique. If you need some guidance, there are several paint and sip classes around town, where all of the supplies and directions to make a piece of art are provided.


2. Incorporate Reflective Elements

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces create a visual effect that makes a room look larger than it actually is. Using mirrors as wall décor is an excellent method for creating a beautiful and timeless look in your apartment, while also making your room feel more spacious. You can incorporate mirrors by hanging them strategically on your walls, or using them as the surface for a coffee table.


3. Pops of Color Everywhere (Except the Walls!)

Who ever said you need paint to create a colorful home design? If you love color, you can easily incorporate it in other aspects of your apartment design, rather than spending time and money painting your walls. Incorporate pops of color in your throw pillows, bedding, table settings, window treatments and any other décor you see fit. You will be amazed at how simple it is to brighten up your apartment without a drop of paint.


4. Invest in Houseplants

Houseplants are the perfect tool for decorating an apartment. The bright and lush green color will instantly make your apartment feel more lively. As an added bonus, most house plants work to purify the air in your apartment, removing allergens from the environment. Basically, houseplants are a win-win for your home!


5. Frame Your Favorite Photos

Personalize your space with an arrangement of your favorite photos of family and friends. Pick out an eclectic array of frames and arrange them creatively on a wall to create a unique design. You can even paint the frames to create a color that matches your overall apartment décor.


6. Go Big with a Tapestry

Still feeling like you need a big pop of color on the wall? Hold your paint brush! Tapestries are an excellent way to incorporate a large, unique design on your wall without the need for paint. Tapestries are easy to hang up and remove, and are easy to store should you decide to hang up another one.


7. Try Wall Art Sticker Décor

While wall stickers might bring back memories of your childhood bedroom, you would not believe the mature and realistic designs now available on the market. These large stickers, also sometimes labeled as temporary wallpaper, are the perfect fix for your apartment. These have the look and feel of paint, except you can remove the stickers without doing any damage to your apartment walls. These stickers come in a ton of colors and designs, making it easy to incorporate color on your apartment walls.


Life at Lerner Springfield Square

At Lerner Springfield Square, we want all of our residents to be able to create an apartment design that fits their unique style and preferences. With these no-paint decoration ideas, you will have the most stylish apartment on the block. If you are in need of a new apartment in Springfield, Virginia, then contact the professionals at Lerner Springfield Square today.

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